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Why #Evernote is perfect for #youthministry

I have installed and uninstalled a million apps in my time.  I have installed an uninstalled Evernote more than once.  Over the last few months my whole ministry admin revolves around Evernote, to the point now I am even an Alpha and Beta Tester for new Evernote products!

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Evernote is rapidly becoming a great one-stop-shop app, in the same way everyone used MS Office to do everything, Evernote is becoming the same thing but for the app/mobile generation.  Personally I am at the point where I have so much information stored within my Evernote ‘notebooks’ I am not certain how I’d survive without it.

Here are my top 3 ways to start getting the most out of Evernote:

  1. Capture everything.  When I started using Evernote I was to cautious, I was thinking with a ‘pre-gmail’ mentality where I was worried about taking up or using too much space or leaving my app in so much of a mess it would become un-useable.  Now I have made my default notebook (the place where Evernote stores things when you don’t give a specific place) a catch-all called ‘Inbox’ and everything gets dumped in there.  When I have the time (usually when I’m stuck in traffic) I go through that notebook and do some filing and/or deleting.  So now all my ideas and inspiration, spiritual stuff, design stuff or just things that I think will be good for this blog get captured into Evernote.  The same can be said for talk ideas, or program ideas anything to do with Church ideas which maybe from God but need some praying/thinking over all end up in this one notebook ready to be contemplated on in the future.
  2. Put all your talks in there.  Personally I give about 5 talks a week during the school term and now all my planning notes go into Evernote.  This lets me pull ideas from earlier weeks really quickly, it also lets me plan on the move from my iPhone or iPad and then tidy up the notes when I get to sit at my laptop seamlessly.  Somehow having all my planning in one place has made me plan more efficiently, and so when you see my lessons shared on this blog they have generally just been copied directly from Evernote.  Having all my lessons, in an electronic format at hand all the time has also allowed me to share some resources with ministry colleagues instantly.  Literally 30minutes ago I was talking to another #youthministry veteran about teaching teens about God’s view on homosexuality, I was able to share my lesson with her in 3 clicks… what a blessing!
  3. Admin.  I hate administrative work.  To be good at admin I have to be in a frame of mind that is different to the frame of mind I need to be in when I am working creatively.  Evernote let’s me file things away, write reports, log my expenses in such a convenient way that things actually get done and not just piling up.


Do any of you guys use Evernote?

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