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5 ways an iPad will help your Youth Ministry

This week I was invited to give a talk to the staff of a big Christian school. I preached on a few verses from 1 John 4 (perfect love casts out all fear). It was the first time, when speaking to adults, I noticed more people were using tablets or phones for Bible reading. As I cracked this joke as they all pulled out their devices

Enjoy 5 minutes of Facebook while me and Chuck (the school chaplain) look at the bible

Jokes aside there are lots of great uses for an iPad in ministry here are my top 5.

    1. YouTube. I love being able to watch a video, with zero preparation in a session. I always have my iPad, a VGA cable and the adaptor to plug the cable into my iPad and therefore a TV or Projector.
    2. Notes. I spend a lot of time using my iPad to write ( I’m doing it now and i use Evernote to keep my notes organised. Evernote is great because is also handles your handwritten, paper notes nicely. Having all my notes to hand means I can refer to previous sessions easily or pull last weeks prayer requests.
    3. Scheduling. Like most people in youth or kids ministry I handle a couple of rotas or schedules, even if it’s not me that puts them together it’s me who is expected to know them off by heart. My iPad allows me to login to various scheduling systems and get a decent overview, something that isn’t as easy from my smartphone.iPad
    4. Books. I’m not a natural reader. To be honest I only read for work/study and not for fun. Having most of the books I need to hand means that when motivation strikes I can use my time fruitfully and catch up on my reading. Like everyone I use the Kindle App because it’s is great. I also use Accordance for my Theology reference materials.
    5. Worship Material. This is similar to #1 but it’s more specific so warrants it’s own bullet point. I’m not very musical, but I love to use worship as part of my small group sessions whenever I can. Being able to access videos of worship music with the words on makes this really easy and my iPad is big enough for a small group.


You may have noticed one thing. I don’t really list a particular reason why a youth minister should use an iPad as opposed to another brand of tablet because I’m going to jump into the ‘ to Apple or not to Apple’ discussion another time.

Have you already started using a tablet in your ministry or do you think they are a gimmicky waste of time? Let me know in the comment section.

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