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#YouthMinistry Ideas About #Community

This week, along with the regular posts, I am going to be reblogging (as if thats even a word!) some of my old blogs.  Firstly so that they are all in the same place (this website) and secondly because I think they contain some ideas that I have found helpful.

Community is a big word for me, so in a blog I said this:

You see I had a very privileged Christian upbringing, this is nothing to do with money its to do with Church and community.  I was lucky enough to be part of an incredibly close Christian community so close that I think I lived with most of the other members for some time or another.  Our community wasn’t just about spending lots of time together, although that was a big part of it, it was also about being committed to each other in a way that made me the Christian I am now.

For the moment, and probably for a good while longer, you can read the original posts here

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