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Fashion, Fads, Faux Pas and the middle aged youth minister! 1 Simple rule to get it right

I am a Youth & Children’s Minister who is 37 years old.I spend most of my free time with my own family, or playing golf.

In the late 90s when I was actually somewhat in-touch with kids I worked with I always tried to relate fashions and fads to the bible teaching I was helping the kids through.

More and more I think this is a dumb thing to do. Here’s why!

Have you ever heard someone try to use slang or curse/swear in a language that isn’t their native tongue? It often ends in embarrassed looks from the speaker or their audience and more often than not, both parties are left wishing they could break the silence with a cheeky #awkward before moving the conversation on.

I feel the same way when I try to engage with the kids about pop-culture stuff that is their own, nothing to do with middle-aged dads like me.article-2269765-173978CE000005DC-970_638x403

Now, I prefer to stick to simple and engaging talks that (hopefully) cater to a range of learning styles and give space for me and the amazing kids to interact but if they want to talk about something in the media, or whatever, I always let them bring up such topics and do little other than try to understand and help them dodge any lifestyle bullets this week’s craze brings.

I do make time in my week to spend time online looking at the same youtubers some of my kids like or watching the latest movie but it’s always just part of my life and not part of my sermon preparation.  Do things because you want to do them not because you want to fit in.

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