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1 Reason to Remove Rotas from Church

I love this idea, and my church is in the middle of a discussion on Facebook about these ideas.

Until recently there had been a rota for all the jobs – sidesperson, server, intercessions, reader, coffee making and so on. However, it tended to be only the more established members of the congregation who could commit to the rota – families preferred to remain flexible, and in particular most of the jobs were inappropriate to give to children.

Personally I struggle to get my family to sign up for ministry opportunities at church because we have 3 kids under 4 and some weeks church doesn’t happen for them, by the time sickness, tantrums and time-outs have taken their tolls I’d say my kids make it to church 50% of the time.  This would really help out my wife by letting her decide last-minute how to get involved.

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