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1 Reason to Remove Rotas from Church

Church Job Name Badges

I love this idea, and my church is in the middle of a discussion on Facebook about these ideas. Until recently there had been a rota for all the jobs – sidesperson, server, intercessions, reader, coffee making and so on. However, it tended to be only the more established members of the congregation who could…

Why #Evernote is perfect for #youthministry

evernote notebook

I have installed and uninstalled a million apps in my time.  I have installed an uninstalled Evernote more than once.  Over the last few months my whole ministry admin revolves around Evernote, to the point now I am even an Alpha and Beta Tester for new Evernote products! Evernote is rapidly becoming a great one-stop-shop…

How To Get Teens to Talk in a Small Group


This is an amazing post by Rob Trenckmann with some practical information for anyone who works with teens because sometimes teens just clam up. Model good questions. ”Ask the questions they want to ask, but are afraid to. And ask the questions that they should be asking, but don’t know it yet.” This was the advice…

#YouthMinistry Can the Rich be poor

fishing for money

A while back I studying the gospels and realised my pre-conceived ideas about the first disciples being poor fishermen wasn’t correct, so I blogged about it. I’m reading about disciples with houses and/or reasonably wealthy families, so where does that leave the rest of us… Maybe this is good news? I still haven’t settled on…